Back To Bishop Maginn High School

Reflection of my studio and maple tree in the doorknob this morning.

Jon and I are returning to Bishop Maginn High School today.  We stayed away for the month after the Christmas break because of the rising numbers of Covid.  But it’s safe again.

I’m not sure if they’ll be set up for sewing, but  I’ll be bringing some soft fleece fabric that Karen sent to me.  Maybe we can make it into a baby blanket or a scarf.

Sue said that the first weeks of classes after the Christmas break were some of the hardest days she’s had as a teacher.  But things are getting back to post covid normal now.

The last time I was in the classroom Paris, one of the students who has been learning to sew, showed me a painting she was working on.  It was a self-portrait of her head in her hands, grasping at her hair. It showed the anguish she was experiencing since the pandemic began.  Since then Sue Silverstein put together their annual art presentation that usually hangs in the Albany Plaza.

This year as well as last, it’s a virtual presentation.

The good part of that is that I can share it with you.  Just click here to see some of the wonderful art the kids in Sue’s class have been making.  Jon posted this earlier in the month and some of the art was sold to people who saw it on his blog.  Enjoy!


One thought on “Back To Bishop Maginn High School

  1. Sometimes it’s just that people don’t bother to click like or leave a comment. I see that a lot and with people I know. It turned me off and I don’t bother to post on social media anymore. I will probably change my mind again and get over my pout. I’m sure people are reading your stuff and just not bothering to let you know. The way I see it is that it’s a learning thing for me, I loose my confidence because the public doesn’t respond to my stuff and I need to learn to trust myself and forget about what others think. A tough lesson to learn but I feel necessary to keep moving on my path.

    1. Definitely Vicki. We have to keep doing what we do without having to have the approval of others. It makes us stronger and I think helps us belive in our work more. it’s so easy to become dependent on praise from social media. It is hard to work alone and not get feedback, and doubts comes easy. But it’s good to talk about it and encourage and support each other in this way. As you say ultimately, it has to come from inside ourselves. YOu are such a creative person in so many ways, people like us don’t stop working for long. 🙂

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