Letting Things Simmer

playing with the birds and other fabric

It was only when I started work on my Mother Mary that some of the fabric I  had laying on my worktable caught my attention.

Before I began working on Mother Mary, I was trying to get some potholders going.  I was having a hard time.

I liked the bird fabric, but I couldn’t figure out how to make them work as potholders.  They’re all rectangular and basically the same size. There was just something dull about them.

But as I was drawing, out of the corner of my eye I saw the chickadees and that paisley printed fabric square.  I found if I changed the shape and put an unlikely pattern with colors that worked next to the birds, suddenly they weren’t so dull anymore.

So I played around with the idea for a little while, then left them on my studio floor to simmer.

I’ll get back to them and Mother Mary tomorrow.  Tonight I have Bellydancing and was delighted to find that last week when I left for class, after not driving to class for two weeks, that it was still light out when I left.

The days are getting longer but I don’t think I would have noticed just how much longer without my class to bring it to my attention.

5 thoughts on “Letting Things Simmer

  1. Hi Maria! I hope your dancing was invigorating and rejuvenating!
    I love these birds! My eye went straight to the Red Breasted Grosbeak, one of my favorites since the only time I saw one in my yard years ago. If you do make a potholder of that pair, I would love to buy it! If you go with a quilt I think it would be wonderful as well. I know you will bring them all to life with your special magic!

    1. Hi Debi, It seems many people want these as potholders and since working on them today, I can see that happening. I’ll email you about the Red Brested Gosbeak. It seems to be yours. Thanks for asking.

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