Sewing The Blue Lace on Mother Mary

I had stitched my conch shells under the moon that Mother Mary is standing on today.  Then I started sewing down the lace.  I’m also doing that by hand and I’m figuring it out as I go. I have a lot of lace already dyed, but I have more in my stash that I can dye if I need it.  I’m not sure how much I’ll need, but I don’t want to run short.

Knowing I have more allows me to use the lace exactly in the way I want to. That’s now always the case with my materials since they are limited to what I have on my shelves, which people have donated, or can buy in a thrift store.

working on Mother Mary

One thought on “Sewing The Blue Lace on Mother Mary

  1. As I look at your Mother Mary I see the spirit of the young girl chosen to be the mother of God. Wide eyes full of wonder and creativity. You’ve captured a Mary that is rarely seen. Beautiful, just beautiful!

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