Days of Frozen Mud

Merricat, Kim, Biddy (in the way back), Issachar, Socks, Asher, and Constance up front.

Yesterday’s mud was as frozen today as yesterday’s melted snow.  The thirty-degree drop in temperature took me by surprise as I slid along the path to the barn.

Even the dogs had a hard time keeping their feet from sliding out from under them.  But the sun came out here and there and the sheep and donkeys seemed content with the change in weather.

One thought on “Days of Frozen Mud

  1. Maria, this is such a beautiful photo with the gorgeous blue sky and gorgeous woolly sheep!
    Yesterday was the first day I felt some actual warmth from the sun! Even though it was only 13 degrees here, it feels as if spring is in the air. Tomorrow it’s supposed to get well above freezing which will hopefully melt some of the masses of snow and ice left over from the last two storms…it’s still a little treacherous walking. 🙂

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