Mother Mary Will Go With Sue Silverstein To The New School When Bishop Maginn Closes

Last night Sue Silverstein called Jon and me and told us that Bishop Maginn High School was closing at the end of the school year for financial reasons.

As sad as it is, it’s not all bad news.  Sue will be teaching at a Catholic school nearby and many of the Refugee students will be going with her.  Some of them will receive a grant to pay their tuition.

The new school has more resources so the kids will have more opportunities.  Jon wrote about the move beautifully on his blog you can read all about it here. 

Mother Mary will be going to the new school too.  When Sue told us that Bishop Maginn was closing she sent me a text about Mother Mary.  She wrote…

“I am unbearably honored to have had someone buy this quilt for me and my kids. I will take it with me where ever I am. Just like high five Jesus (the statue of Jesus in the lobby of the school), it will keep us safe with the love from both of you and Mary who never fails me.  I am honored and humbled. “

Jon and Zinnia are invited to the new school and the refugee kids and their families will still need help from the Army of Good.  And I’ll go with them when I can.  There’s still the rest of the school year to go at Bishop Maginn so I’ll be back there sewing with Paris and Hser Nay and anyone else who wants to learn.

I finished sewing the blue lace on Mother Mary today. Now I just have to put the backing on her.

I’ll bring her to Sue at Bishop Maginn in two weeks after the Winter break.  So Mother Mary will get to hang in Sue’s wonderful art room at Bishop Maginn for a little while at least.  And I have no doubt that she’ll fit right in at Sue’s new classroom next year.

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  1. The news about the school’s closing is both heart-breaking and heart- warming. Your posts remind me of what is hopeful and possible in our struggling world. Thank you Maria.

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