“Bookkeeper and Wife”

Anne and Me

When our friend and bookkeeper Anne came by this morning to pick up some paperwork we, of course, talked about her art opening on Saturday.

I told her how I looked on the Artisan’s Market website.  “There’s a great picture of you wearing your raccoon mask standing next to someone who’s wearing your cat mask.”  “That someone,” Anne said,” is you. I got the photo from Jon’s blog.

I laughed in disbelief.  How could I have absolutely no memory of this?

Maybe I’m just making it up, but after a while, I was able to conjure up a vague memory of having fun posing with Anne while Jon took a picture of us. (Although no matter how hard I try, I do not remember ever having that red sweater.)

Anyway, now I like the picture even better.

Both masks are in Anne’s exhibit at the Small Gallery for another month.

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