Waiting For Jon…

There are only a couple of pages left in the little book that Kitty gave me for my birthday last year. I see that I’m reluctant to fill them, to be done with the book.

But this morning I went with Jon to his foot surgeon and I intentionally took the book with me.  While I waited for Jon I did this drawing. I even took the photo in the waiting room.  I was going to post it on my blog on my iPhone, but then I got the text from Jon that he was done and on his way out.

We stopped for lunch on the way home and for the first time, since we no longer have to wear masks,  I was able to see our waitress’s whole face.  We only began going to the cafe regularly since Covid started and they were very strict about mask-wearing.

So with Jon’s good news from his doctor and our maskless waitress, it was a good start to the day.

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