Working On My “Moth” Quilt

I saw the quilt top in my stack of quilts from the corner of my eye.  The colors were just right and I liked the idea of adding a bit of tradition to the moths and what I had done already.

I knew I’d be using that piece of African fabric that Fran sent me, and the pinks and patchwork squares would be just right in the mix.  From a distance, the quilt looks to be in very good condition, but it’s torn in places and stained too.  That only makes working with it more interesting.  I dealt with the stains by cutting them off.

I also cut the quilt up choosing to use only the colors and patterns that worked with the “moth” feeling of the quilt.

The color is off in this photo, but I pieced together two rectangles like this.  One for either side of the quilt….

Then I added the African fabric…

I quickly knew  I needed another modified pink patchwork below it…

This is where I left it for today. But I have an idea of what I’ll be working on tomorrow.

As in the strip of pink above the moths and leaves, I’ll do the same with these scraps of fabric with the green piece of material in the picture.


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