Fate Stalking Minnie

Minnie seems unimpressed with Fate’s efforts.

7 thoughts on “Fate Stalking Minnie

  1. Laughing! It looks like Fate’s complying with a slow-motion inner command to ‘get the cat’ instead of her usual circumnavigation of the sheep! I love how Minnie just nonchalantly walks right into (thru?) Fate’s back leg to get around the downspout. But now I’m wondering what it was Kitty-Anne said that made Minnie decide to u-turn on the porch instead of jumping down?

  2. The peaceful kingdom. Only at Bedlam Farm would you find a dog, cat, and chicken in close proximity without barking, hissing, and feathers flying.

    1. I don’t really know what Fate’s intentions are Valorie,( I don’t know that she knows) but it definitely not as menacing as it could look. And no one is paying much attention to her. 🙂

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