Mother Mary And The Stations Of The Cross

The Stations Of the Cross told by the Blessed Mother  at Bishop Maginn High School

Yesterday we did the Stations of The Cross as told by the Blessed Mother” Sue texted me.  With it was a picture of the kids and my Mother Mary. 

When I was making my Mother Mary, I never would have imagined she would enter the world in this way.

I’m not exactly sure what the Stations of the Cross are, but I looked on Bishop Maginn’s Facebook page and there are pictures of lots of different kids standing at the podium with Mother Mary next to them, doing readings.  I especially loved seeing the faces of the kids I got to know this past year.

Sue knows how to bring the Catholic religion into everyday life in a positive way.  That’s a lesson I never learned growing up Catholic. But I see it very clearly with the students of Bishop Maginn.

2 thoughts on “Mother Mary And The Stations Of The Cross

  1. This so made me smile. I went to Catholic School for 12 years. The stations of the cross was such a HUGE deal. The cool kids would get picked to play all the roles from Mary to Jesus to Mary Magdeline to all the disciples – it was like having mini plays on the alter at church – my bother got to play Jesus one year & all the girls were crazy for him (he was in 7th grade). The stations are the the depictions of Christ journey from Palm Sunday to the crucifixion to resurrection. So beautiful that your fabric painting was included. Thanks for the flashback to my youth.

    1. And thank you Kim for that really nice memory and the information. I can just imagine the 7th girls liking your brother after playing Jesus.

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