Pancakes With Kitty


I met my friend Kitty for tea and pancakes at a coffee house in Hoosick Falls this morning. It’s not the kind of thing I usually do, go out for breakfast.  But we had plans to get tea together and when Kitty saw pancakes on the menu, she suggested we go early.

It was a good idea.

The last time Kitty and I went out for tea must have been at the end of the summer.  I know it was during one of the “safe” covid times.  Meaning we both felt it was safe to sit in a restaurant without a mask.

There were three dogs at the coffee house, and though none of them actually took food off our plates, they were very interested in our pancakes.  The little dachshund peeking out from behind the black table was the smallest.  All three dogs got distracted, for a little while anyway,  by other dogs who came into the coffee house with their people.

There were quite a few of them.  But everyone got along nicely.

It felt good to be out with a friend, sitting around talking. I do get to see Kitty every Wednesday night at Bellydancing, (she’s known as Kat there)but we’re too busy dancing to talk.

Kitty gave the information about my Corona Kimono to the curator at the Bennington Museum yesterday and she said he seemed interested. Or at least he didn’t say he wasn’t interested.

But I used to work at a museum, I know that can mean anything.

I’m still considering what I’ll stitch on the collar of the Kimono.  KJ left a message on my blog saying…”That’s a heavy burden around the neck too, the number of people dying. I keep thinking of the word hope.”

She has a point. I guess I  have to see what feels right to me.

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