My “Cat Calendar” Quilt Continued…

Sharon’s fabric drying on the line

I kept looking at my Cat Calendar quilt, then to my stash of fabric to see what it needed next.  But I couldn’t find it.  Nothing I tried was right.

Just in time,  Jon texted me and asked me to read the piece he had just written.  It was the break I needed.

Not only did I get a good laugh from Jon’s blog post, but on the way back to my studio I saw the boxes of fabric that Sharon sent me.  I was planning on washing them but hadn’t gotten to it yet.

It’s happened before that just the fabric I needed was sitting in a box that hadn’t made it to my studio yet.

I went through the fabric and pulled out some pieces that I thought might work.  When I brought them back to my studio, it had happened.  That solid piece of red was just what my quilt needed next.

So I threw the fabric in the wash and headed into the woods with Fate and Zinnia.

I don’t usually take a walk on Bellydancing days, but as soon as I crossed the Gulley Bridge (which was covered in a few of inches water) I saw how I would use the red fabric and a long piece of an old quilt top that I had in my stash.

I hung out the fabric just before I started writing this.  It’s a sunny and windy day, perfect for drying clothes.  As soon as I finished writing this  I’ll get the red fabric off the line and iron it dry.

Then I’ll see if the idea I got in the woods will work.

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