Music From The Wind

Looking through a hole in a tree

Yesterday my friend Margaret and I walked the short distance between the farm and McMillan road.  I had Fate on a leash for the first time.  I’d let her run once we got off Route 22.

We both heard the ringing at the same time. We both stopped and looked at the little metal “6” rocking furiously back and forth with the wind.  Each time it hit the little metal “9” it rang like a bell.

Earlier we talked about liking the wind, how it stirs things up and feels cleansing.   Especially when it’s warm like it was.

The little bells certainly got our attention and I thought maybe the wind was letting us know it knew we were there.

I took a video of the music from the wind, but I’m not able (for some reason) to post it on my blog. So if you’d like to see and hear what we did, just click here. 

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