Backing and Tacking My “Calendar Cat” Quilt

After a morning of mailing out potholders and catching up on my emails, I got into my studio to work on my Calendar Cat quilt.

I didn’t stop to take pictures during the process, after getting delayed on Friday with the fences, I wanted to get a much done as possible this afternoon.

I’m halfway through the tacking, and should have it all done by tomorrow. I have some ideas about what I might be working on next. But I’m much too superstitious to write about them.

The back of the quilt when I first started tacking it.   I’m tying it with pink and teal yarn.

4 thoughts on “Backing and Tacking My “Calendar Cat” Quilt

  1. I saw this and the first words that popped into what passes for my brain this early in the morning were ‘whimsically subversive.’ Such cheerful patterns and colors surrounding unhappily domesticated kitties.

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