Nourishing Eyes, The First One

Nourishing Tears

“Tears are cleansing, and I’ve learned not to judge emotions.  They are all valuable and meant to be felt, they just aren’t meant to stay stuck for years and years.”

This is what Elizabeth wrote to me in her email to me after buying Nourishing Tears. 

I agree with her.  I’ve found it’s best to feel emotions to their fullest and then let them go. There is always more to feel.

Then Trish left this message on my blog…

The triangular web of tears coming from each eye makes me think of a very flowing chainmail. So not only are the tears watering the garden, they’re also offering some protection. This could easily be seen as a relationship between each of us and whatever we consider our higher power.

I thought that tears looked like chainmail too, but I didn’t make the connection to the idea of it offering protection.  But that makes so much sense.  As does her idea of it being about our connection to a higher power.  I didn’t’ see that either.

I looked through my vintage hankies today and I’m sure I can use some of them to make potholder-sized Nourishing Tears.  These would have just one eye, like my original idea.

I’m looking forward to working on some more.

They feel good to make and I think they’re a good thing to put out into the world.   It also seems already like the image is open to different interpretations.  That it is universal enough for people to find those things important to themselves in it.

That helps to keep the piece alive and relevant.

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