Heading Out To My Walk-About

That’s Lulu up front and Fanny behind her.

In just a little while I’ll be leaving for my walk-about.  I imagine I’ll be home too late to write about it, so I’ll do that tomorrow or on Sunday.  See you then.

(I’m back from my day in the woods, and just realized I didn’t publish this post in the morning before I left.  But it’s true, my head is spinning, in a good way, with all I learned today.  I will write about it tomorrow, I think It may take more than one blog post.
Also, when I got home Jon told me he’d been sick with a fever all day. He’s doing a little better and tested negative for covid.  But I’m keeping an eye on him.  More tomorrow….)


2 thoughts on “Heading Out To My Walk-About

  1. I’m glad you got to go! Looking forward to reading more about it.

    It can take a while for a covid test to show up positive, may need to retest.

    Hoping for a rapid recovery!

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