The Tree Within The Tree Falls

I was in Jon’s study looking at his latest photos when we heard the loud swish and thud. It came from outside the house.

I went out to look thinking a branch had fallen off the tree near Jon’s study.  But it was Bud’s constant barking that got me to look behind my studio.

And there, a section of the biggest Maple in the yard had fallen on the pasture fence.  The trunk of the tree was in the dog run, the part where Bud loves to patrol for chipmunks and squirrels, and the top half of the tree was on the other side of the fence in the barnyard.

It did not fall on my studio and none of our animals got hurt.  We got lucky again.

The tree is blocking the fence so the animals can’t get through, and they were very happy with their new source of food.

Liam enjoying the leave on the fallen tree.

Jon called Mike our neighbor and handyman who came over a few hours later and we made plans for how to deal with the tree.

First Mike would clear the area around the fence and fix it.  Then he’d chop up the tree trunk for firewood.    We’ll let the animals help clean up the top of the tree with the leave on it.  They can nibble away on the branches all winter (better than eating the barn) giving the wood time to season.  When he has the time,  Mike will chop the big parts for firewood and we’ll use the rest for a bonfire.

2 thoughts on “The Tree Within The Tree Falls

  1. Home owners insurance might cover the cost of getting the tree removed off the fence and fixing the fence. We had a tree fall on our small shed and ours just had us pay a deductible

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