Those Potholder Squares Needed Space

It may look like a simple, even obvious design, and it is.  But it took me all day to come up with it.

After I sewed on the initial border of blue, black and that Pompei red, I was stuck for hours. I knew all those squares needed space around them, but for some reason I kept fighting my instincts.

Once I figured it out though, sewing it together was quick.

I’m not done yet,  but I’m also not worried about what comes next.  I don’t know what it is right now, but I do know it will be fun to figure out.

10 thoughts on “Those Potholder Squares Needed Space

  1. Wow. Quietly stupendous, dancing with energy, while serenely balanced and harmonious. Wonderful colors, lines, and unexpected details that surprise and delight everywhere you look. And it’s such a pleasure to keep looking, as the lines lead the eye around and around. This is so beautiful.

    1. Oh I like that Lori, Thank you. There is a lot to look at and more the closer you get. But I also like that one leads to another, keeps the eye moving.

  2. I love this quilt! It is a little bit crazy, scattered, and “out there”, sort of like the past couple of weeks you’ve been helping Jon through his rough time. You’ve had to be all over the place driving here and there, working on your art in your very limited “spare” time. Maybe that’s why you’re having a bit of trouble sorting out what you should do next…just go with your gut! 🙂 It usually steers you in the right direction, Maria, and I’m sure it feels good to get back into your regular routine. 🙂 That’s what I love about art…the freedom to just go with your feelings and express yourself!

    1. I think you might be right about the quilt reflecting these past weeks Fran. And now getting back to the simplicity of knowing the routine of the everyday. I did stop and ask it what it wanted, and that’s when I knew it needed space. Hmmm.

  3. Oh yes, Maria, your intuition was right on in telling you that space was the answer, and that “frame” is perfect. Love this work.
    Good luck with the next project, maybe the message is in what you were trying to do with this quilt that was not quite right.
    Creativity takes us on the most fun adventures!

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