Potholder Square Quilt…Getting There

I still have to add the pink around the edge. (I don’t know what that round circle is on the bottom of the quilt, it’s not on the fabric, must be a reflection from somewhere. Kind of looks like a solstice sun or moon)

My quilt is driving me mad.  I have a few more inches to add and I can’t figure it out.  I think I need to take a walk. 

This is what I texted to Emily after she sent a picture of two of her favorite Appreciation Cards in her latest batch.  She agreed that a walk was a good idea.

And it was.

When I got back I tried one other piece of fabric then came around to pink.  When I laid that pink fabric on the floor next to the quilt, I immediately knew it was right.

I usually don’t make a quilt a specific size, and I’ve never made a quilt this big.  It’ll be a little more than 85″x 95″ when I’m done. So it’s been a challenge (in a good way) Although now that I know the pink will work, I can’t wait to get to it.

But it is almost dinner time and after that, it will be time for our Solstice Fire, so the pink will probably have to wait till tomorrow.

The pink fabric that I’ll put around the edge of the quilt.

I did end up using the long patchwork I made last night.  I put it on the bottom of the quilt, it’s almost like a signature.  You can see it too well in the first photo because the quilt is so long and drapes on the floor. But you can see part of it in the photo above.

Emily’s Appreciation Cards.  I’ll pick the up in Bellydancing Class tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Potholder Square Quilt…Getting There

  1. I love your latest quilt. I could see me and Jamie(my youngest granddaughter) playing I spy with it. It has an enticing, welcoming look to it that for me says “Come play” . I so enjoy your creative journeys, they inspire me!

    1. You see it the way I do Josie, There is so much to look at in it, so much to see in the colors shapes and patterns. They continue to surprise me as I work on the quilt, I’m always seeing something new too.

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