From The Back Porch

I take a lot of pictures of the back porch.  Today I was eating lunch there and thought to take a picture of what I was seeing.

The only problem with this picture is how silent it is.

The back porch is alive with the constant hum of insects, the muffled whoosh of cars on Route 22,  the calls and songs of many birds, including a chicken or three, and the baas and brays of the sheep and donkeys.

The photo is also missing the movement of all those humming insects and the hummingbird who visits the coneflowers more than any other. Today there was also Flo trying to sit on my lap while I eat and three hens drinking from the cat’s water bowl.

6 thoughts on “From The Back Porch

  1. The flowers in your garden are looking great! Maybe you could film a video from that spot one day too, so we’d experience the soundtrack you described.

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