Life Drawing With The Hens And My Sewing Machine

The hens I drew yesterday with my sewing machine.  A couple are upside-down

Yesterday, before I started feeling really bad, I was in my studio drawing hens with my sewing machine.

I was drawing them from memory, but then I saw that the hens had gathered under the lilac bush outside my studio window.

It was like having a live model (or three) in front of me as I sewed.  Like being in a life-drawing class where the model changes his or her position every thirty seconds.

This will be a great thing to do in the winter when the hens wait under the birdfeeder for seeds to fall.  Better than just throwing seeds or mealworms down to attract them.  They tend to just gobble those up and go on their way.

But I’ll try that too when I’m feeling better too.

I think I’m going to cut these up and sew them into potholders.  I’m too worn out to get into my studio, but I’m trying to imagine what they might look like as potholders, which colors I’ll use and if they’ll be solids or patterned or both.

4 thoughts on “Life Drawing With The Hens And My Sewing Machine

  1. Hope you are feeling better soon! I love all the drawings that you have been doing on your sewing machine of your hens…

  2. I hope you feel better soon. I was really worried when I didn’t receive your blogs for a few days.

    Glad that you are back, and take care


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