Painting Coil Pots At The Mansion

Ruth,Ellen, June, Sharon, Claudia, Peg, Lori, Jennifer and Nancy

The last time I was at The Mansion we made clay coil pots.  That was over a month ago.  I was scheduled to go there last week but didn’t because I had covid.

There was a big turnout today.  Everyone who made a coil pot was there to paint them.  And Jennifer and Nancy who didn’t have pots each made one.

Bonnie, the activities director, was there to help.  It’s a good thing too, there was a lot going on.

We had enough supplies, paint, pallets, and brushes with the help of the Army of Good (Thank you!)

Everyone chose colors and painted their pots differently.

Claudia painted her pot blue and put white trim around the top.  Peg made hers yellow and was still painting the small apples that she made to go in it when I left.

When June painted the yellow dots on the green coils,  I told her that her  pot looked like a snake.  She wasn’t too happy about that, but got a laugh out of it.  I love how organic her pot looks.  As if it’s made of something soft instead of dried clay.

Ellen was using three different colors on just the inside of her pot.  She meticulously painted the circles using the coils as a guide.

The inside of Ruth’s coil pot (her favorite color) matched her hair.

Sharon decided her coil pot was a nest and made clay eggs for it when she was done painting. She said when they dried she’d paint them to look like speckled eggs.

Lori was painting her coil pot red, but like a few other people, she didn’t get to finish it.   Bonnie left the paints out so when they got back from lunch, whoever wanted to could continue painting.

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