My Heron Is Sold, But I’ll Be Making Prints and Postcards Of Her

My unfinished Heron

I have gotten so many people asking about buying my Heron fabric painting. I appreciate them all and the stories that go along with them.  I can see how much herons touch people’s lives, as they have touched mine.

My Heron is sold.

I  want you to know how I go about selling my work.   I don’t ask people to commit to a piece of art that I’m working on until it’s finished.  The first person who asked about it gets first choice.  If there is more than one person who is interested, as with my Heron, I keep a list according to the order in which people contact me.

So if the first person doesn’t want it for some reason, I move down the list.

Since my Heron is so popular, when It’s finished I will be making prints which I will sign and postcards of her.

This way my Heron, in a different form, will be available to anyone who wants her.

6 thoughts on “My Heron Is Sold, But I’ll Be Making Prints and Postcards Of Her

  1. She’s lovely, majestic in bearing.
    I’m interested in knowing what size the prints will be.
    Congratulations to the person who has bought this beautiful fiber art!

  2. I love that you make your beautiful pieces of art into prints and postcards. I have several of your postcards strategically placed around my home especially in my craft room. Each message available as needed. The twin healing trees remind me that healing is achievable and takes time. I am enough and I am not a ghost are gentle powerful affirmations to my changing life purposes as I age. Your heron is a wonderful reminder of Mother Natures beauty and power. Thank you for making your amazing artwork available to so many! Blessings to you Maria!

    1. I’m touched that you find such meaning for yourself in my art Josie. And that they keep brining you what you might need to hear from one day to the next. Blessings back to you Josie.

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