Head Butting At Bedlam Farm

I don’t know what was going on between Socks and Robin and Lori.   I’d guess they were working something out.

Lori may have been protecting Robin, but it seemed Robin was the initial instigator.

So much goes on between the animals that I’m unaware of.  Sometimes I get to witness it, but mostly it’s a mystery to me.

8 thoughts on “Head Butting At Bedlam Farm

  1. I wonder what was going on, too. I did like the way Fate circled and appeared ready to intervene. Do you think she would have if the butting had escalated?

    1. Once again Fate put on a good show, but no, I can’t image her getting between the. Jon said Red or Rose would have stopped it. But not Fate.

  2. It looked like schoolyard bullying. I was surprised at how aggressive they were against Socks. Do they ever injure each other?

    1. I’ve never had a sheep get hurt by another sheep Laurie. Even the head butting seems to have its limits. Someone always backs off. It is in their nature to butt heads, usually as a show of dominance.

    1. They have butted her in the past, but she doesn’t let them get that close anymore. All they have to do is put their head down as Kim did last week and Fate backs off.

    1. I don’t think the sheep do “fair” Marsha. I’d guess Lori was protecting her Robin since she is his mother. Could have been a play for dominance. Socks is my oldest sheep along with Suzy. It seemed to me that in the end Lori and Robin deferred to her when they walked away. But I could be wrong about that.

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