Some of the sheep always have their faces covered in sticky weeds and grasses.  But Constance isn’t one of them.  Her wool, though long is cleaner than many of the other sheep.  Maybe she doesn’t travel in the same places as the other sheep.  Or maybe, like my sheep Suzy, her wool just doesn’t collect as much debris.

As soon as I crouch down in the pasture, Constance comes over to me, putting her face in mine, her nose twitching as she takes in my smell. After a short time, she turns away, back to grazing.

Since she doesn’t take treats from me, I think she’s just saying hello.  Whatever it is, I like that moment of connection that happens between us.


4 thoughts on “Constastance

  1. What a sweet connection.
    I love it when my cat touches noses with me for a brief moment.
    Just saying hi, then he moves on.

  2. That Constance is a beauty! Always looks lovely and appears to have posed her “best side” and the contemplative look for her glamour shot.

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