So Much Music

Bud and Jon

It’s dark now when I get home from Bellydancing at 8:30.  Jon told me he already closed up the chicken coop, so I went right to the house.  I had  a bag of Thai food takeout that I brought home from Bennington and my bag with my Bellydancing skirt, coin sash, zills and water.

The motion light came on as I walked up the steps to the back porch.  Minnie, who was curled up around Flo on the wicker chair, lifted her head and squinted her eyes at me.

The music got louder the closer I got to the back door.

At first I thought Jon had found a new favorite album that he was playing on the Beats speaker. But as I opened the door I heard the slow strum and Jon’s voice singing…  As I was walking that ribbon of highway…

Jon was practicing his ukelele.

As much as he says it’s too hard for him to learn, he was so much better than the last time I’d herd him playing. And really, it hasn’t been that long.  He’s just impatient about it.  But then I remind him about my learning to Bellydance.  How I was sure I couldn’t do it.  How the learning never ends.

It happened again this morning.

I was upstairs getting dressed and I heard singing.  I pulled on my shirt then stopped and listened.  I couldn’t hear the exact words, but it was Jon’s voice.

When I walked past him, on my way from the shower to the bedroom, Jon was sitting on the chair in the living room with Bud between his knees on the ottoman. That’s how I knew Jon was singing to Bud.

So much music I thought. Jon is filling our home with music.

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  1. How nice!! Glad Jon is liking his ukulele and I’m sure You and Bud love both the music and the singing. All this comes to a good and loving family. ♥️

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