“In My Woods” All Done

In My Woods

This is what I saw when I sat on the stone foundation in the barnyard looking over the marsh into the woods.  So many pinks, greens, browns, and shades of yellow. Then the blue sky.  Sometimes deep and dark other times bright or such a warm gray.

I didn’t know it when I picked out the three pieces of fabric that would dictate the colors in each section of the quilt.  I only knew when the material with the trees on it, that I pulled from my stash, fit so perfectly between them.

Then all they asked was to be framed in the colors that would pull the eye toward the center.

These were the colors of the marsh and woods around the farm when I was working on the quilt.

They’ve changed already.  They were different last year and will be different again next year.

I have seen more of those woods from a distance than actually been in them for the past few months.  But this quilt speaks of the ability to go there.  If not in person, then by seeing and watching and imagining.

Going into the woods is as much a state of mind as a physical place.

This is one of my favorite details in the quilt.

That little square with the diagonal line and the chickadee on one side, the green paisley on the other, has been pinned to the window frame in my studio for a while.   It was a piece that never made it into a potholder.  The green paisley is the same fabric that started this patch of quilt.  And the colors of the fabric with the chickadee feed so well into the tree material.

From a distance, it almost looks as if the tree fabric bleeds down into the greens for just a moment.

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