A Strangely Warm Day

It was a strangely warm day.  I knew the ticks would be out and hungry and I should have left my sweater home, but I was still glad to be walking in the woods with Fate and Zinnia.

We did not see the Barred Owl, but we did find a mobile made of spider silk, leaves, and bark, which was powered by the wind. (You’ll also hear Zinnia’s panting as a soundtrack.)

I tied my sweater around my waist and wished I weren’t wearing wool socks.

I expected the ticks, but not the slug.  It edged the mushroom so perfectly.  And I don’t remember ever seeing such a texture on a slug before. Looking at it now I wish  I had touched it.

It looks anything but slimy, which is how I always think of slugs.

When we got home I pulled two ticks off of me and brushed many more off of Zinnia and Fate. Then I cleaned out the birdbath and refilled it with fresh water.  I’ll wait for the water to freeze again before I put it in the barn for the winter.

2 thoughts on “A Strangely Warm Day

  1. ugh ticks. I just had a blood sample taken today to be sent to a Lyme disease testing company in California.
    I had a bull’s eye rash a couple of months ago. I do have joint pain and fatigue.

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