Suzy, Spinning Wool For Two More Shawls

Some of the yarn Suzy has spun to use in a new shawl.

Suzy sent me this picture today of a new shawl she’s working on.  Those soft and brighter yellows in the background will be a part of it.  She said she was trying to work another green in but it just wasn’t right.

I know that feeling when I  think a color or shape should work in a quilt I’m making but just doesn’t. I can spend a long time trying to make it happen before accepting that no matter what I may think about it, it’s just not right.

Suzy also sent me the photo below of a mix of Issachar’s roving and gray Wensleydale lamb locks. She called the locks curly and sweet and said, “boy, is that nice to work with” about Issachar’s roving.

This all means that soon Suzy will have two more of her very unique and beautiful shaws that I’ll be selling on my blog.  I can’t wait to see them.

Issachar’s roving mixed with the gray Wensleydale lamb locks

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