Bird, Bee and Frog Potholders

The twelve potholders I made today.

I get tired so early this time of year.  By four o’clock I want to be sitting in the chair by the woodstove, a glass of wine on the table next to me, blogging on my laptop.

But tonight I finally got a rhythm going after stuttering through my potholders all day.

I went back and changed so many of them after I thought they were done.  Until the last four, which floated off my fingertips as I guided the fabric through the sewing machine.

But it doesn’t matter how difficult they were for me to make, as long as when someone looks at them they look like they were easy to make.

I don’t want to put struggle into my work.

I was a little surprised at the end of the night at how many potholders I had actually designed.   I left my studio feeling good about the work I had gotten done.

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