Sheep, Wool

When I looked at this picture after taking it, I didn’t think sheep, I thought wool.  With snow on the ground, the sheep and donkeys are hungry by the time I feed them.  First hay, then I put out three buckets with grain.

We have three feeders too.  Fanny and Lulu get one and most of the sheep are at the other.  The twins, Asher and Issachar go to the standing feeder.  Some of the other sheep sometimes join them there.

They all get their fill, but I make sure the older sheep, Socks, Suzy, Biddy and Kim, get enough grain.  They can hear me fill put the grain in the buckets in the barn then are at the gate when I bring them.  The younger sheep haven’t figured that out yet.

But they may as the winter goes on.

Like many people around the country, we’re expecting a snowstorm to arrive this evening. There’s no new snow yet, but we are as prepared for it as we can be.

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