Minnie, A Barn Cat At Heart

Minnie sleeping next to me while I read

Ever since Flo died, I’ve been bringing Minnie up from the basement to sit with me while I read at night.  I do it because I think she might be lonely without Flo’s company.

I think she enjoys it, she cuddles next to me, purring and content.

But it’s not as if she waits at the door for me, or even follows me up the basement stairs as if she wants to be with me.   And after a while, she hops off the couch and goes to the basement door to go back downstairs.

Zinnia and Minnie have always been friends. Zinnia loves to lick her ears.  Fate either ignores her or tries to stalk her without success.

But Bud watches her like he does the chipmunks, squirrels, and hens. It’s obsessive and not a good thing.  As soon as she moves, he charges after her.  So I make him lie down when Minnie is with me so he can learn to be calm around her.

Last night when I went to give Minnie some treats before bed a bat was swooping around the basement.  I was reminded that Minnie is, at heart, a barn cat.  She loves her home in the basement which like a barn is filled with mice, snakes, and bats.

She is hardly alone.

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