Snowshoeing In The Woods

Zinnia crossing the Gulley bridge

The small trees were bent so low with the snow they covered the path to the Gulley bridge.  I shook them knocking the snow to the ground, and the skinny branches stood tall again.

The last time we were in the woods, it was just beginning to snow. Now the grasses and bushes were laid low enough for me to walk over, my snow shoes crushing them further into the ground.

Snow outlined every branch and stuck to the north side of the trees.  My first stop was the pine cave.  It was not the igloo I imagined, yet it held up well with little snow inside.  But it was awkward to crawl into with my snowshoes on.   When I go back to spend more time there, I will take my snowshoes off, as I would going into anyone’s home.

Fate and Zinnia and I wandered the woods, not the least bit cold.  We only turned back when one of the bindings on my snowshoe broke.  I flopped around for a while, trying to say on level ground.  Then finally thought to use the shoelace from my boot to tie my boot to the webbing of my snowshoe.  It worked so well I was tempted to stay out longer.

But I still had scarves to sew and wanted to get them done before it got too dark and cold.

My snowshoes are old, so I imagine all the straps will begin to break.  I’ll figure out the best way to fix them and carry some extra string with me the next time I wear them  into the woods.

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