Biddy, Doing Alright

Biddy was the first one baaing this morning.  She ate all her hay and drank half a bowl of water.  She seems to be doing just fine. I’ll keep her in the stall until Sunday when it’s supposed to get above freezing.

5 thoughts on “Biddy, Doing Alright

  1. Glad Biddy is doing better.
    I received your get-well cards yesterday, thank you for the nice surprise. I will be sending you some tall thread cones that I can no longer use. My good sewing machine broke in the move. As soon as I can drive, I will send a package out. Thank you again.

    1. Oh Uta, that’s very kind of you. You know I appreciate it. I hope you’re back driving again soon. Not just to get the thread, of course, :).

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