Valentine Trees

A Shagbark Hickory and Paper Birch Tree

I’ve always thought of the trees as lovers.  The ones that can’t seem to keep away from each other.

Some lean into each other the taller they grow, others, though different species seem to grow from the same stump.  Then there are the ones that wrap themselves around each other.  And the trees that seem to be hugging.

The Orphaned Woods has a few of these lovers, and today, in honor of Valentine’s Day I took their portraits.

Mapletree and Black Birch
Black Birch and Elm
Paper Birch and Pine

6 thoughts on “Valentine Trees

  1. Beautiful images Maria. You can see and feel the love. According to Peter Wohlleben trees are social creatures and do form bonds.
    Perfect for Valentine’s Day.

  2. Maybe one of these is a mother tree along the lines suggested in: Finding the Mother Tree: Discovering the Wisdom of the Forest. You know their roots are intertwined. Perfect image for Valentine’s Day, will hold these images in my heart.

    1. It might be Sharon, but from what I remember reading in that book is that the mother tree usually has a group of the same species growing around her. But it’s also true that some trees grow better when they are growing along side other trees.

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