A Visit To Caz Acrez Goat Farm

One of Cindy’s goats

We’ve been buying goat cheese and goat milk soap from Cindy for over a year.  We met her at the Cambridge Farmers market and Jon has been taking pictures of Cindy and posting them on his blog since then.

Today we visited Cindy and her husband Larry at their Goat Farm Caz Acrez.

I’ve never met so many friendly goats.  They were curious but not annoying and gentle too.   A few of them tried to nibble on my sweater, but that’s to be expected. They loved getting their necks scratched or any attention really.

Cindy and Larry have a few different breeds, and most goats we saw were pregnant. When Cindy said she tries to find homes for the older goats which they couldn’t breed anymore, well, that got me thinking.

“Did you hear that? I asked Jon, “they’re looking for homes for some older goats.”

That’s when both Cindy and Larry told us about one of their younger goats that they didn’t think would breed well and might be a good goat for us.   Soon we were being introduced to a medium-sized light brown and white goat. She came right over to me and stuck her head through the gate so I could pet her.

(You can see a picture of her, Cindy, Larry and their other goats on Jon’s blog, click here)

Cindy and Larry were generous enough to give us a tour of their farm, from their newly born triplets to the milking parlor.  You can read and see more about Caz Acrez Farm and buy their soap (it’s our favorite) on their website Caz Acrez Goat Dairy.

Jon and I left the farm considering the pros and cons of having a couple of goats on the farm.  A part of me thinks it isn’t a good idea at all.  But another part of me isn’t so sure.

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