Fate’s Foot

Fate and her bandaged foot

I am surprised every morning and afternoon, since Fate cut her foot on Friday, that she willingly goes into her crate instead of out to feed the animals with me.

All it takes is a little treat and me saying “Fate Crate”.  I lower the blanket over the door and like a bird she only makes a peep or two before settling down.

I’m trying to keep her from running so the cut on the pad of her rear foot will heal.  I’ve doused it in peroxide and antibiotic ointment and put a bandage on it.  She’s been taking that bandage off until I got the idea to wrap it above what I think of as her elbow.  That holds it in place and now Fate’s being good about not fussing with it.

Maybe she knows it for the best.

I do miss having her with me in the barnyard and on my walks.  I feel bad leaving her behind, but her foot won’t heal unless I do.  I’m trying not to let my feeling get in the way of her healing.

So for now, it’s me and Zinnia feeding the animals (actually Zinnia does more eating than helping with the feeding) and taking walks in the woods.  But I know soon it will be the three of us again.

Zinnia on one of our walks without Fate

4 thoughts on “Fate’s Foot

  1. I love Fate’s expression. She looks like she’s fed up with this ridiculous situation! Or maybe she’s just sleepy? Tough love for a little while longer, Fate.

    1. Probably fed up Barbara.She wore me down today with her looks. I let her sit outside the gate when I fed the animals. Still no running but at least she got to be there. 🙂

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