Fate At The Gate Again


Fate watches, with her border collie intensity at the gate to the barnyard.

Yesterday I let her come out with me to feed the animals but made her stay outside the gate so she wouldn’t run around. I did the same today and besides a bit of whining, she’s being good about it.

If I can overcome her staring at me in a pleading way to let her in the barnyard for just a couple of more days, I know the cut on her pad will be all healed and she can get back to “work”.  She’s hard for me to resist though, and I do miss her company in the barnyard and on my walks.

Even when I look the other way, I can feel her eyes on me.

2 thoughts on “Fate At The Gate Again

  1. That’s such a beautiful photo of Fate. The expression on her face in the afternoon sun. And the way the sun is highlighting her blue eye!

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