Pink Geranium In The Window

I can see the geranium in the upstairs window when I come back to the house from the barnyard.  At that distance, it’s just a ball of pink, but that’s more than enough this time of year.

The planter is outside my studio in the warmer months.  It also has pink mums and a red oxalis. All the plants have been blooming for most of the winter. It’s the first time I put them in the bedroom window which is east facing and cold most of the day and night.

They seem to love it and I do too.

I deadhead the flowers and prune the yellowing leaves,  it’s like having a winter garden to tend to.

2 thoughts on “Pink Geranium In The Window

  1. Seeing the geraniums bloom in the window during winter makes me smile! What a beautiful photo, with the reflection of the tree too. It reminds me of days long ago when I used to drive past an old farmhouse on my way home from work. I always looked forward to the winter days when the farmhouse windows flashed bright with the red of the geraniums. I’ve never had any luck overwintering them, no matter which way I tried. So I appreciate folks like you who can make it happen!

    1. I’ve seen geraniums growing in people’s windows in the winter too Cheryl, that’s what made want to have them. I didn’t always have luck with them though. But I think I’ve found the window they like, so I will keep them there from now on. Thanks for your message.

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