The Donkey Thing

Theresa’s donkeys

I had no idea so many people who read my blog were into donkeys.  I found out just how many people had their own or knew donkeys who belonged to friends and neighbors.

Theresa sent me this picture of her donkeys with my potholders joining them.  It’s a fine collection.  I have to say Jon and I have a few donkeys, other than Fanny and Lulu ourselves.  They are planters, sit on the windowsill and hang from our doorknobs.

When a friend told me that her friend follows a couple of donkeys on Instagram and would love to meet Fanny and Lulu I had another clue that donkeys were popular.  Then they showed up in Jen Beagin’s book Big Swiss.

And wasn’t I surprised when she wrote about them in the same way I feel about  Fanny and Lulu.

Big Swiss is smart funny and irreverent. I loved every minute of it.  It takes place in the town of Hudson NY,  which in the book (and in reality) is being gentrified by wealthy people from New York City.

So, I reasoned,  if donkeys are showing up in this book and on Instagram and the movies (EO, the donkey movie that looks too sad for me and Jon to want to see)  they must be a “thing”.

And how didn’t I not know about this?  I guess I was just too busy loving and taking care of Fanny and Lulu to see that we were a part of something bigger.

It’s nice to see that these animals that have very often been abused by humans are finally finding a kind place among people.  I just hope it’s not just a faze because donkeys can live to be 40 years old.

Lulu and Fanny being donkeys

16 thoughts on “The Donkey Thing

  1. When I took Coursera’s online Horse Course now a few years back, there were people in the class from abroad who had working donkeys and wrote their class essay about them. That was eye-opening.

      1. On the way back from Phoenix, AZ back to our campsite we saw Donkey crossing signs. I imagine for wild donkeys? Would have loved to see a few, but alas, we didn’t.

      2. Now I want to go to Oatman. I love that these burros have done so well for themselves in this town. It’s interesting that they came with people who mining and they eventually prospered too.

  2. Love this ode to the donkey! They speak to my heart, as well. I live in a very urban area in Plano TX. We are so lucky to
    live several city blocks from a big ranch spread in the midst of it all that supports donkeys, horses, some cattle–a few llamas from time to time as well. The ranching family represents one of the founding rancher groups of this community. Your blog and art work are lovely and enjoyable gifts to your readers, Maria! Blessings to all at Bedlam Farm… P.S. I bought a bag of used books at my local library’s annual sale this week. I’ve just read Jon’s Dog Days from 2008, thus discovering your farm.

    1. Well I’m so glad you found us Carol. Welcome! How wonderful to have the ranch so close to the city. More cities could use such places. I do believe animals can be healing to us humans. Thanks for writing!

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