Spring Melting Snow

The snow is melting on this first day of spring and the hens left an egg in the chicken coop.

The snowman that Robin and I made on Saturday now looks more like a Henry Moore sculpture.  The hens pecked the carrot nose and raisin eyes that fell to the ground.   I put the egg in his arms to compensate.

Over us, high in the blue blue sky a turkey vulture floated. She circled us slowly tilting one way then another but never moving her wings. I watched as the sun lit her belly turning it white along with the feathers on the edges of her wings.

In some cultures, vultures are seen as spiritual beings because they fly so high in the sky.

I always think of this when I see them and stop to watch them till they are out of sight.  It has become a meditation, a prayer for me.  A time to be still, to be present and in the moment.

By the afternoon, the wind stopped blowing and the sun was so warm I didn’t need my coat when I  fed the animals.

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