Tacking “Home”

Fate and Zinnia with my quilt “Home” in the back ground

It’s been a while since I had three dogs in my studio.  It’s also been a long time since I had my studio door open.

I didn’t have the heat on for long.  By 11am the sun had worked his magic on my studio, making it warm enough for me to leave the door open. Even Bud spent hours outside patroling the yard and hanging out in my doorway.

Zinnia and Bud in my doorway

I started tacking my quilt “Home” today.

It’s the perfect meditative work, especially with my door open so I can hear the sounds around me, even if some of them are cars and trucks going by.  I’m a little more than halfway done, but I’ll be leaving for Bellydancing class soon so I will finish it tomorrow.

That’s after Jon and I get back from Saratoga where he has another appointment before his toe surgery coming up in April. I don’t go to all of Jon’s medical appointments with him, only the ones where my presence can be helpful.

He, of course, has been writing about the process on his blog. When I have something meaningful to say about it I’ll chime in.  But until then it’s his story to tell.

I found the perfect yarn to tack “Home” with.

It has a base of gray with red, blue and yellow alternately twisted in.  The color of the yarn has a more prominent place in some quilts than it does in others.  Mostly it’s not very noticeable unless someone really pays attention to it.  But it still matters to me and I loved seeing how this yarn blended with the colors on the front and back of the quilt.

One of the ties on the back of the quilt.

2 thoughts on “Tacking “Home”

  1. Nice choice ! Love the multicolored yarn you are using to tie off your quilt. The color combination is perfect for the finished project.

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