Bud and The Pigeons

Bud was barking and barking.  I could hear him behind my studio so I went to see what was happening.

And there on the windowsill of the barn were two pigeons.  Still as statues and so pleasantly placed they paid no attention to him or who knows, maybe they were defying him.  They know by now, as all the birds in the trees that Bud barks at, that he can’t get them if they’re not on the ground.

Bud finally gave up the barking when he saw me.  Maybe that’s what it was partly about, he was telling me of these new intruders to his territory.

4 thoughts on “Bud and The Pigeons

  1. This is Bud’s job, warning you of these nefarious intruders. He’s a working dog, like Zinnia is a therapy dog, and like Fate … pretends to be a herding dog.

    1. It’s true, and he does a good job, today it was a tire rolling in the pasture that he was barking at. But I’ll write about that. It was pretty surreal. I’ll tell Fate what you said:)

  2. I work with kids, so that image of Bud barking to let you know there was something unusual then being able to ignore it once you arrive “to take care of things” made me laugh. Dogs understand humans so well, it does make me wonder if that really was what he was feeling.

    It’s a great photo with that huge expanse of barn between the tiny creatures at both ends of the interaction.

    1. It’s so hard to know sometimes what their motives are. And other times it’s so obvious, like when they want to go out or want a treat. But it’s probably in the repetition that we can see their intention more clearly.
      I loved that huge space between them too Trish. As if it didn’t matter at all to Bud.

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