Sheep Shearing Next Saturday


I saved some big plastic bags for this year’s wool.  And it’s a good thing because those younger sheep have so much wool.  I will shear Constance, Merricat, Lori, Robin and Kim in the fall as well as the spring this year.

I’ll still only shear Suzy, Biddy, and Sock once a year.  And I’m not sure about Asher and Issachar.  Their wool is slow growing, but this year is different for them too.  Their wool seems longer than usual.

It may be the hay we’re getting from David.  He explained to me last year how he grows his hay so it has more nutrients in it, but I honestly can’t remember exactly what he said. I’ll have to ask him again and write about it the same day so I don’t forget.

Ian, our shearer (and poet friend) is coming next Saturday around noon to shear the sheep and trim their hooves. I think Merricat and Constance are especially going to appreciate it.  They are going to feel a lot lighter and be a lot smaller once their wool is in the bag.

Constance in all her wool

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  1. I have seen how better food affects the hair growth on my dog. Years ago when he was growing into adulthood, I wasn’t feeding him enough food, so his hair growth slowed down. I noticed that he didn’t need grooming as often. Once I started feeding him more, his hair growth rebounded. I think it’s the same with the sheep. More, better quality food equals growth.

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