Bow Toe

Jon taking a picture in the barnyard this morning

We were ready.

The past couple of days the bandage on Jon’s foot has been slipping off.  This morning  I used up the last of the gauze bandages and tape to bandage his foot again.

I have to admit I like doing it.

There’s something very sculptural about wrapping the gauze at just the right angle to make it form to Jon’s foot, then doing the same with that tape that sticks to itself.  I even liked looking at the stitches.  Those little knotted threads make a tidy package.

Jon even put a regular pair of shoes on this morning, instead of his surgical boot,  when he went out into the barnyard to take pictures of the mist.  We told each other the bandages kept coming off because his foot had had enough of bandages.  Today the stitches were coming out and soon Jon would be able to walk around without the surgical boot, take a shower, stop worrying about the foot getting infected and start getting back to normal.

We were both excited at the idea of it all.  We got up early and had breakfast on the way to his doctors at one of those new coffee cafe’s run by young men and decorated with motorcycles and houseplants.

Once we got to the doctor’s office, Dr Daly looked at Jon’s foot and declared it healing well. Then told us we should make an appointment to get the stitches out next week.

We were told the stitches would be in for three weeks and we were certain Jon had had his surgery three weeks ago. “Really? we said looking at each other incredulous  “It’s only been two weeks?”

Yeah, we were disappointed, but not really surprised.  We’ve been doing this thing with his toe for over two years.  And we often got it wrong thinking his toe was getting better when it wasn’t.

On the way home I stocked up on bandages, tape and antibiotic ointment.  I know that bandage won’t stay on Jon’s foot for another week.   But we do know his foot is healing well and next week, the bandages should be coming out.

When Jon had his surgery to amplutate his toe I did a drawing of his foot with a flower where his toe used to be. This time I  got creative with the stitches and gave him a Bow Toe.

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