The Rogue Tulip

There are three tulips that pop up every spring in the middle of the yard.  I don’t know if a squirrel buried the bulbs there or if they’re survivors from an old garden.

Today while Jon and I sat in under the apple tree I decided to try and take a picture of them with my Lomo’Instant Camera.

I used up half a cartridge of film to get this photo.

I’m still learning how to use the camera that has three different lenses and even more settings.  I’d learn quicker if I used it more than I do.  But I don’t always think about it.  The iPhone is much too easy and I usually have it with me.

It’s when I slow down that I think of the Instant camera.  I do like the way this picture came out.   It has a feeling and look that I could never get using my iPhone.

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