In And Out Of My Studio


I’ve been working on designing these potholders for a few days.

Today Jon got the stitches out of his foot, but there’s still some healing that needs to happen.  It is happening though, every day a little more.

The potholders have kept me going during this time.  They are easy to focus on in the small spurts that I get to my studio.

This morning  I cleaned up the fabric on my work table and floor.  So once I get these potholders all done, I hope to start on something new.

Tomorrow Jon and I are going to Bishop Gibbons.  We’ll see Folasade who Jon and the Army of Good have been raising money for.  She’s been accepted into Siena College (she wants to be a doctor) with lots of grants and financial aid but needed some help with her housing tuition.

Many of the students who Jon and I have known for a few years (some who I taught how to sew) will be leaving for college in the fall.  I’m looking forward to seeing them before the end of the school year.


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