Minnie and Me On The Front Porch

Minnie keeping my company as I blog on the front porch

The front porch used to be Flo’s territory.  It’s one of my favorite places to blog this time of year.  The wifi is good and the wicker bench is comfortable.  When the sun gets too hot, I pull down the bamboo shades.

Minnie snuck up on me while I was downloading my photos today.  Before I knew it she was up on the table lounging in the sun.  Soon she moved to the bench and curled up around my feet.

Flo would have done just the same and I got a twinge thinking of her.

Yesterday I planted a purple columbine where we buried Flo in my shade garden. She’s close to Gus, our Boston Terrier who has a thriving hosta above him.

Maybe Minnie joining me on the porch is a message from Flo.  Even if it isn’t it made me think of her so in a way it is, even if she has nothing to do with it.

I was talking to a friend whose husband died last year and she said she’d take any message from him in any way, whether it’s real or not.  It makes her feel good and she’s the kind of person (without being a Pollyanna), who chooses to be happy whenever she is able.

The columbine I planted above Flo

4 thoughts on “Minnie and Me On The Front Porch

  1. Funny, the minute I read about Minnie joining you (before you mentioned the plant) I thought it was Flo behind the spirit of it.

    A way for all of you to spend time together. And for Flo to say thank you for honoring and remembering her!

  2. Wanted to reach out and say thank you and how thoughtful it was to send a thank you note for supporting your blog!!

    You truly are a most remarkable woman in so many ways!! Always be proud of who you are and how far you have come in your life!!
    I have learned many lessons from you!!

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