Waiting For Jon


The drawing I did in the waiting room

Jon and I got up early to get to the surgery center in Saratoga Springs by 8:45.  He’d been there just a month ago when he had his toe amputated so we knew the drill.

I didn’t get much time in the waiting room.  They blasted his kidney stone with soundwaves and he was still woogy, but in good spirits, when they called me into the post-op room.  We stopped for lunch on the way home and were back at the farm by noon.

The first thing Jon did when he got home was take a picture and put up a blog post.   He’s resting this afternoon.  The surgery went well, and now he’s feeling the uncomfortable aftereffects.

These quick surgeries are confusing because they take so little time and we’re home quicker than it takes for us to go to a movie.   The surgery is filled with certainty, but the healing is much more ambiguous.   We have a vague understanding of what to expect, but of course, the side effects vary from person to person.

So we’re taking it as it comes.

I had plans (silly now that I think of it) of getting into my studio and starting a quilt inspired by a couple of linen dresses that my friend Anne gave me.  But that didn’t happen and I quickly gave up on the idea.  Instead I picked up some pain pills for Jon at the pharmacy (which he probably won’t take but are good to have just in case) and made pea soup.

My workday will consist of blogging and maybe some bookkeeping.

I took a nap with Jon this afternoon.  As I was telling him he needed to rest (he was talking about taking more pictures) I realized I was unusually tired and for once took my own advice.

Now it’s time to bring the sheep and donkeys back from grazing, check on Jon and the pea soup.

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