Toe Better, Jon’s Coming Home Tomorrow

The drawing I did yesterday when visiting Jon

I left the house early and got to the hospital at 8 am.  It was sometime between then and 9:30 that Dr Daly was going to do the procedure on Jon’s toe.  I wanted to be there with him for comfort and to see what I would need to do for the toe once Jon came home.

When she didn’t show up, one of the nurses told us she’d be there at 11:30.  At 1:30 we learned she had an emergency surgery and would be coming between 5 and 6 pm.

The idea of the procedure and all that waiting made it a tense day.  Jon kept up with regular blog posts every time another nurse came in or we got more information.   All those big blocky words and interior photos reflected the physical space he was in.  Raw thoughts from that small rectangle of a room.

We were both pretty wiped out by then. I left to take care of the animals and would come back at five.  It’s about an hour’s drive and as soon as I got home, Jon texted me that Dr Daly was there.

A half-hour later he called saying that the procedure when well, it took about 10 minutes and she was done.  Dr. Daly also said that Jon’s toe and foot looked great. The IV antibiotics were working and he will have a prescription to take at home.  It will be another week at least of changing the bandage using a special antibiotic cream. Jon will be back in the surgical boot and back to no showers for a while.

We were both thrilled at how well his foot is healing and that he’ll be coming home tomorrow.

Sepsis and losing the toe were both possibilities if we hadn’t gotten him to the hospital when we did.  We will both be much more careful and take seriously any injuries to Jon’s feet from now on.

It’s dinner time now.  I spoke to Jon a few minutes ago. He sounded as tired as I feel.  I’m looking forward to a stirfry a glass of wine and a good night’s sleep.

The last drawing I did in Jon’s room this afternoon.

6 thoughts on “Toe Better, Jon’s Coming Home Tomorrow

  1. Maria,
    This drawing brought tears to me-such a raw, expressive drawing of what I could only imagine you are feeling. Thanks again and again for being so authentic and vulnerable with your life, feelings, experiences. You and Jon are in my heart and sending healing and a loving spirit of gratefulness

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